Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2017 gone and 2018 hello another travel year!

Here we go again a brand new year. Lots to be grateful for. This year sees a lot of interesting things happening and as we know you get out of life what you put into it.
You know when you spend time with people and they don't do fun things and they don't have much to offer a conversation.
Well that is no one that I know. (Anymore) if you get what I mean.
This year sees my favourite travel buddy of all time Ann and I heading on another adventure. Well actually it's true 3 for us.
Trip 1) Dubai, Egypt, Cyprus and Gallipoli 2005
Trip 2) Italy, Athens, Mikonos and Santorini 2011
So this year sees us off to a great part of the world again and different,
Trip 3) Amazon Jungle, Rio, Argentina and Chilli 2018 yay this year!
Ann and I have been friends since kindergarten so there is a long history nearly all our lives just about.
We have a ball on our trips we have met so many amazing people and seen some pretty amazing things. But all in all we are doing adventures seeing the world, history and how people live. What you do realise is that all the material things in the world don't mean a thing. It's the little things that count. When you see what the world has to offer now that's a treat. So how do 2 girls friends for life travel together. We share a room now that we are getting older we both snore. Lol 😂
The joys of age, no seriously we share a room we have a cocktail every night at 6 pm before dinner to  cheers a great day and also to cheers a great next day! Does that make sense it would if you were there. It's being grateful for everything. I think our travel plans are going to be a blast this year again because we are going into the jungle. Together 2 girls anyone seen the  movie snatched with Goldie Hawn. If you have please stop laughing now!!! Ok don't then. ... lol
Seriously we always have fun and have great stories so what can I say buckle up and enjoy the ride! After all you only live once.
Stay tuned #globaltraveller #worldtravel #lifeisshort #dosomethingfun #excited

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