Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Cancer - Public Speaking and Cancer Advocate

Hi one thing I have learnt in the life is to share and help others. If you can save one person from going through something bad or helping them. That's what this life is all about.
Ok what I do!
For events or Charities please contact me on the following subjects.
Inspirational public speaker!
  • My Battle with not one but 2 Cancer Battles 
  • Loosing my Mother to Ovarian Cancer 
  • PTSD - overcoming challenges 
  • Overcoming Change and Staying positive 
  • The Best secrets to getting through medical Mahiem 
  • Now That We Have It,  How Do We Do it All? The Modern Woman’s Way 
  • Embracing Change: The New Reality for You and your family 
  • Strategies for Success: Women’s Getting on the right track 
  • Leadership and Achieving Dreams
  • My Journey From Small Country town girl to Sydney Executive 
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