Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lost in translation - mind wanderer

Well Camperdown has changed a lot. The hospital now under a different name. In the late 80's chemo was tough.
Lost my baby, having chemo and the chemo is next door to maternity. That's cruel. But I guess they didn't think about it.
I am in the terminally ill ward. Not sure how they do it now or if it is the same. No one gets out it's the ward of gods waiting room.
So when I was younger only 24. Stuck in a ward with dying old people was really hard. The rooms were lovely and big I met lovely people. They were all going to die and so was I. I remember a long week waiting for tests waiting for the chemo to start. I just wanted to go home, and why wouldn't you it's way to scarey.
There is a place in our mind that is very dark. Full of fear. Also I place of lost.
So I walk down the street with drip. Pushing it along in my pjs.
I don't know what I did, walked looked stopped. Thought I had been gone half an hour. Get back to the ward where the nurses are screaming where have you been. Before mobiles you could disappear, imagine doing that these days... no hope
I think I got lost in translation I don't know what I did where I went, maybe I was missing or trying to hide.
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