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Feta Cheese - anti cancer and health benefits

7 Benefits of Feta Cheese Nutrition — the Healthiest Cheese & Even Anti-Cancer I have good news! Not all cheese is bad for you — so if you
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The fast and the furious - cancer fighting back

Well the more we see and hear the more we want to know. Awareness is the key. Knowing but not knowing it's all about symptoms and really that yearly check with the doctor. Always reporting changes and what's happening.
Doctors are awesome, they are the ones we trust our life too so getting a good one that you can share and feel like they are listening is the key here.
I sometimes think wow that dam test! Yep well it's worth it for peace of mind.
My friends are now loosing parents to this so again what so we share with our friends. Everything, a great friend is an asset.
Remember we were all excited sharing engagements, weddings, births and so many happy and exciting times.
Ok so what now. It's sad now divorces, funerals and sickness.
That's ok that is the circle of life.
It's so weird but now in my early 50's I would be really excited for a wedding or a birth. No more funerals please.
This weekend I have a friends hubbies 50th and my very good friend turns…

Quote of the day - Dalai Lama

I’m just one human being, but I believe each one of us has a responsibility to contribute to a happier humanity.
#quoteoftheday #dalailama #iamstillawoman #confessionsofatwicecancersurvivor

Quote of the day - She Quotes

"Nothing is impossible. There are just things which are hard to be possible." ~ @ponchuply #SheQuotes #quote #iamstillawoman

Quote of the day - Dalai Lama

In our day to day life warm-heartedness is the key factor for happiness.
#quoteoftheday #dalailama #peace #happiness #iamstillawoman

Australian Cricket - 3 mistakes

Well Australia has been in the news for all the wrong things this week. Sadly media and supporters are playing out this causality. It's sad 😭 should never have happened.
But it did happen. The punishment has been dished out. Like it or hate it we have to let this go. The families of these boys are coping alot of negative attention.
Sadly this can't be changed. The punishment is set now we need to leave it alone. The mental health is very important now. As a police contractor I see every day what happens to the mind when it's compromised.
Live and let go. Don't let the innocent players be dragged into this. We are Australian we always pull together in tough times. Why aren't we doing it now?
Feeling for all the innocent in this battle, if you have missed it here is the scoop.

#candicewarner #sydneymorningherald #cricket #australian…

Believe - I believe

So what believe means to me. On a girls night the girls asked me why did I get a tattoo on my neck that says believe. It's got a a pink ribbon in the middle of course it's the breast cancer ribbon. They loved it so much. You know I promised myself if I survived I would get this tattoo.

Beautiful - this life
Enjoy - this life
Love ❤️ - this life
Iconic - this life
Everything - this life
Value - this life
Exactly - my journey

#believe #symbollic #survivor #iamstillawoman